Individual Coaching Program

Monthly Training Plans

Coaching available for all levels including beginner, novice, intermediate  through advanced cyclists, specializing in bike riding skills and tactics. I prefer riding with my athletes as often as possible where we work on skill-sets, a critical training detail I believe will have the most positive impact on your cycling success.

Under my coaching system, your bicycle training program would be organized into 4-week training periods called training blocks or (TB).

Building a quality athlete/coach relationship is critical.

Step-1 is an Initial Consultation meeting between athlete and coach to discuss cycling goals. The Initial Consultation is generally two hours in length and cost $100.

If you decide to sign-on with my coaching system and make a six-month commitment, your $100 Initial Consultation fee will be deducted from your first months coaching fee.

Monthly coaching fee varies with cycling goals determined during the Initial Consultation meeting. Within 72 hours of the Initial Consultation meeting, I will follow up with a proposed training plan including monthly fee.

Each training block includes:

·         detailed training schedule for each 4-week block

·         unlimited email access during each 4-week block

·         one or more skills rides during each 4-week block, dependent on proximity and schedule

·         phone consultations, 2-per-week during each 4-week block

To arrange an Initial Consultation or if you have questions, please email: