Suggested Packing Checklist

As a minimum, we suggest you bring the following cycling related items for your trip. However, this list is just a guide and does not include non-cycling clothing or other items you may need, so plan for your preferences and pack accordingly. 

Download list here

Legal Travel & Camp Related Items

___Driver License
___Medical Insurance Card or Certificate
___Credit Card
___Cell Phone
___Lap-Top, Tablet or other personal computing device
___Current USA Cycling, “Race License” or “Authorization to Ride Receipt”

Bike Related Items

___Clean bicycle, tuned, ready to ride and equipped with 39x25/27 gearing
___Saddle pack with at least one tube, mini patch kit & tire levers
___Heart Rate Monitor and/or Power Meter (Power Tap or SRM or other)
___Cycling shoes & pedals (consider these in your luggage, not your bike box)

Cycling Clothing Items

___Bicycle Helmet (consider this item for carry-on)
___Cycling shorts, minimum 2 pair
___Short sleeve cycling jerseys, minimum 2
___Long sleeve cycling jerseys
___Lightweight base layer, minimum 2
___Wind Vest
___Lightweight jacket
___Lightweight tights
___Rain jacket or clear rain-cape
___Cycling Cap or Skull Cap
___Arm warmers
___Leg warmers
___Short finger cycling gloves, 2 pair
___Long finger cycling gloves
___Cycling socks, minimum 5 pair
___Lightweight shoe covers or booties

Cycling Cold or Winter Weather Options

___Winter shoe covers or booties
___Long-sleeve winter base layer
___Winter Jacket
___Winter Tights
___Winter Gloves

Cycling Hydration & Hygiene Related Items

___Water bottles, minimum 2
___Energy drink, bars/gels if you prefer items other than Cyctomax products
___Sunscreen, SPF 30 minimum
___Chamois cream & other personal-chamois-hygiene product of choice

Additional Items

___Eyewear/sunglasses with clear/amber and sunny day lens choices
___Small backpack or tote-bag for shopping and short trips about town
___Swimwear for pool-side lounging after a long, productive day on the bike